Terms, Conditions and Returns

Recaps hopes that you will bond with your hat, and take it everywhere with you! We just want to let you know that if the wind sweeps your hat off on the summit of a mountain,  you leave it on a train in India, or a monkey steals it off your head in Thailand, we cannot replace it. Each hat is one of kind, so hopefully you will build a relationship with a new Recap! However, if any part of the hat has a defect when you receive it, we will gladly replace it with a new one, of the same color print scheme. We also don’t accept returns on custom built hats if you do not like the color. All shades and print material are a little bit different all of the time. We will try to match each hat that is ordered as close to the photo you see on the website, but know that each hat is one of kind so there will be slight shade differences. We hope you embrace the diversity!


Send Returns to:


185 NE Snohomish #953

White Salmon, WA 98672