North West Night Ski Adventure

North West Night Ski Adventure

Each print featured on Recap hats are not only one of kind, but each one also has a unique story. As the owner and designer of Recaps,  I am realizing that these stories might be of interest to the wearers of Recaps. I am going to share the story of each print via blog post. These stories are of my own experiences and adventures through many phases of my not totally 'normal' life. I will start with the North West Night print, one of the first and favorites of my print series.

I was 18 and sitting in the computer lab of Western Washington University, a fresh transplant from the rocky mountains where I grew up. My eyes where wide, and opportunity seemed to be everywhere in the Pacific Northwest. As I typed a girl walked up to me and whispered, "Are you a skier?" I lit up. Yes, yes I was, and not only was I a skier, but thats all I wanted to do at that time in my life. She asked me if I was interested in a backcountry hut Heli-ski trip to the Selkirk Mountains in B.C. I looked around almost convinced she couldn't be talking to me, offering me this golden opportunity. Turns out she was and she needed someone to take her place on the trip. Where most people as a freshman just starting the semester with a full schedule, and very little funds in their bank account, would say no... I did not hesitate and yes.  Before I new it I was meeting a group of skiers I did not know to embark on 10 day powder binge, via helicopter, which I had never been on, to a mountain range I had never heard of. We skied everyday until my legs felt as if they would give out, but I pushed for one more lap, one more couliar every time. Ski power, eat, sleep repeat.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night and shuffling my sore legs outside into the frozen night. I gazed out over the inky landscape of trees and mountains, dimly glowing with the moon's light. I looked up at the sky, full to the brim of clear, bright stars, more abundant and vibrant than I had ever seen before. On the horizon there was a greenish blue hue, rippling through the dark night. I marveled, at this transcendental light, finally comprehending this was the arouraborialis. A feeling like the wide world had endless wonder and possibility filled me. Of all the glorious moments of perfect powder skiing on that trip, this was the moment that made the most impact, and a moment I will never forget.

The Selkirk mountains became my first real multi-day backcountry experience and planted the seed of a growing a skill set, that would fuel my fire and motivation for the next 10 years.

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