Fundraiser for a local Paragliding site

Recaps is branching out and trying to make wearing art, make a difference. As the owner and designer at Recaps, I wanted to support a cause by selling a special Recap and having all the proceeds go to the cause. I am also enamored with Paragliding. Its what I do with all my time off from the business. I'm in a constant state of chasing perfect clouds and perfect wind. There is a flying sight in the Columbia River Gorge that has become quite popular and busy with pilots. There are no restroom facilities and the human use has started to impact the land that our launch is on. I thought this might be a great chance to see if I could raise the money to build an out house. In just a couple of weeks I was able to raise enough money to build a modest pit toilet at this site! I will be launching another featured hat to fundraise for a good cause soon. If you have a great idea for a person or cause in need, email me at Keep your eyes open for the next chance to wear art and make a difference!

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